Unexplained Phenomenon??? – Simplest Electric Motor


This is the simplest motor in the world. But what unexplained phenomenon makes it go? Make an ultra-simple homopolar electric motor with only a battery, a magnet, and a piece of wire. Cool science fair project or weekend project.

From the comments on YouTube Page: A current will start flowing from (+) through the wire, the magnet, to (-) of the battery. A current creates a circular magnetic field around it. This magnetic field gets repelled by the magnetic field of the magnet and therefore the wire starts spinning. This is why it works the battery and the wire are acting like A magnet like those big magnets in the junkyard that pick up cars when electricity is added to a metal it can become a magnet so what is happening is one magnet is repelling the other magnet therefore making thrust just like when you put two magnets together they will stick but then when you reverse one magnet they will repel each other all the magnet is doing is repelling the wire……and the wire is ……sort of….screwing itself!

About Vijay Vaghela

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