Click on the image above to VIEW/ DOWNLOAD all photos

Click on the image above to VIEW/ DOWNLOAD all photos

We may have some really bright ideas, huge scheme of things and some very innovative dreams, aspirations, capabilities, skills, scientific and logical approach and analysis in the technical field.

The question is are we able to express these ideas either verbally or in writing to the world? Are we able to present ourselves and communicate our thoughts to the world with confidence and comfort? If not…then alas…one will find it difficult to move on in life.

This is what “Academic Skills” is all about….and besides regular academic activities, St. Xavier’s Technical Institute believes in the joy of excellence in communication skills and presentation abilities, and incorporates such activities in its curriculum. Glimpses of the winners for excellence in performance in this co-curricular activity, who were awarded medals and certificates for their performance in this area at the function held on March 18, 2016. Take a look at the beaming pictures herein!

About Vijay Vaghela

Ex-Lecturer (Selection Grade) St. Xavier's Technical Institute, Near Raheja Hospital, Mahim (West), Mumbai 400016, India Founder, Editor and Administrator www.xtechsound.com www.xtechacademicrecords.com www.poetrybits.com
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