Today…09/11/2016, commemorates NATIONAL VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK…a theme that spotlights student participation in values of integrity and eradicating corruption,  based on the notification by the Central Vigilance Commission, a day to mark in time, after the historical move by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to curb and eradicate black money, corruption and funding of terrorist organizations. And on the leading edge, we have the Central Bank of India‘s sponsored event at St. Xavier’s Technical Institute with the theme NATIONAL VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK, wherein students of XTECH prepared and presented intelligently crafted posters depicting the shape of things that we all have dreamed of for decades. 


Click on image to view all photos!!!

XTECH, along with sponsorship of Central Bank of India, is proud to present  this event at a short notice in an incredible smart way! All credit goes to the students, management and staff of St. Xavier’s Technical Institute, (and of course  our sponsors, Central Bank of India), to come up with bright presentation posters that represent the long lost dream of this nation to become supreme and the best in this entire world. An event not to be missed, an event to remember, an event that benchmarks and represents a salute to the initiative and extraordinary winning move by the Prime Minister of India!

XTECH acknowledges the efforts of Shri Dilip Kumar Singh, Chief Manager, Central Bank of India, Mahim (West) Branch, Mumbai and Ms. Madhulika of Central Bank of India (Main Branch, Mumbai), and also the coordinating staff of Central Bank of India for lighting up the spirit and dream of vigilance, light and fight against corruption in our India of dreams. And all the students who have participated and ignited the sparks that light up this lamp…are the receivers of the credit that the future generation deserves and holds.

Take a look at the pictures that represent the spirit of inculcating moral values and ethics in this beautiful society and nation that the world knows as India!

About Vijay Vaghela

Ex-Lecturer (Selection Grade) St. Xavier's Technical Institute, Near Raheja Hospital, Mahim (West), Mumbai 400016, India Founder, Editor and Administrator www.xtechsound.com www.xtechacademicrecords.com www.poetrybits.com
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