Annual Day Manthan event is awaited with bated breath year after year. And here we are again in 2018, with the video file of the celebration, which took place on February 5, 2018. Ample practice and loads of efforts by the students and staff resulted and an awesome performance, which is here for all to behold.

Credit also goes to the students who took the trouble to film this video, and this effort too is recognized and appreciated. Humble and sincere beginnings ultimately lead to maturing of excellence in quality, so do not be perturbed that this video presentation does not seem to be glamorous o professional. This is the way to go…ahead…and come up with greater polished refined things in life as time flies by.

About Vijay Vaghela

Ex-Lecturer (Selection Grade) St. Xavier's Technical Institute, Near Raheja Hospital, Mahim (West), Mumbai 400016, India Founder, Editor and Administrator
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1 Response to ANNUAL DAY MANTHAN 2018 – VIDEO

  1. It would have been much appreciated that during the function it would have been mentioned that…

    “St Xavier’s Technical Institut completed 50 years of its foundation at Mahim in the year 2017 and many of the past students were enthusiastic about the celebration.”


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