ET-15616 Project II

Rationale: Project is classified under Applied Technology courses. In continuation to the Project work started by the student in the fifth semester, he/she has to meet the set goals of testing, finalization and completion before the end of the sixth semester. Project work is supposed to be largely a student centered activity. It is a purposeful student activity which is supposed to be planned, designed and performed by a student or a group of students, which ultimately will help them to accomplish higher level cognitive and affective domain activities. It will also help them to achieve psychomotor objectives. The objective of the project work undertaken is to reinforce and integrate previously acquired lower sub-skills and attitudes within a branch and slowly transform them into higher level skills. It will help to develop competencies and confidence to solve open and real life interdisciplinary problems. Project work is supposed to develop thinking, planning and decision making skills with ample scope for using creativity. It presents a challenging and task oriented learning environment with optional solutions, besides developing ability and confidence in accomplishing targets with given time and resources constraints. It is also meant to develop higher level interactive skills and ability of working in teams.

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